Acrylic Painting - Essentials
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Mastering Acrylics: Essential Techniques for Beginners

Dive into the world of acrylic painting and master essential techniques as a beginner. Let your imagination flow on canvas with this dynamic course designed just for you.

Instructor: Raju DyapurLanguage: English

About the course


This course covers the fundamental principles and techniques of acrylic painting, suitable for beginners and experienced artists looking to enhance their skills. You will learn color mixing, brushwork, and other essential aspects of acrylic painting.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn basic acrylic painting techniques
  • Understand Hue, Saturation, Values, color wheel, swatches and blending
  • Create your own acrylic painting masterpieces

What you will learn:

  • Gain foundational acrylic painting skills
    Learn how to properly handle acrylic paints and brushes


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