LIVE Stormy Sky and Light House - Watercolor Painting
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LIVE Stormy Sky and Light House - Watercolor Painting

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Instructor: Raju DyapurLanguage: English

About the course

Free Step by Step Watercolor Painting Tutorial - Stormy Sky and A Light House

In this tutorial you will learn how to choose the colors to for a stormy sky with clouds and it's application in layers. You will also buil a believable reflections and concentrate on textures, shapes and colors.

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SUGGESTED MATERIALS are provided below - it's only a suggestion but feel free to get creative and use whatever you have at home:
WATERCOLOR PAINTS: (Apart from Winsor Newton, I use these wonderful paints )
Sap Green
Emerald Green
Raw Umber
Burnt Umber
Burnt Sienna
Vermillion Hue
Titanium White

White Gouache (Recommended
Masking Fluid (although I didn't use but you might want to cover areas that you are not comfortable with, this is what I use

⭐PAINTING SURFACE: I use A5 OR little larger size (half of A4), but you can choose any suitable size. Sometimes size has it's own challenges when it comes to details OR even brush applications (300gsm/140lb watercolor paper)
⭐I personally use these papers 

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