Ultimate Oil Pastel Course
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Ultimate Oil Pastel Course - Basic to Intermediate

Master Oil Pastel Drawing in 2 Weeks Even If You're a Beginner or Intermediate

Instructor: Raju Dyapur

Language: English

About the course

Paint along step by step, starting with the basics of planning, color application and gradually building your skills and confidence as you progress through the projects.

If you love to apply those rich oil pastel colors with beautiful end results and learn all the nitty gritty of highlights, shadows and contrast, this course is for you!

Don't underestimate the power of oil pastel medium as it can produce very great looking results if you allow yourself time to learn and practice and by using proper materials.

Who this course is for:

Beginner to intermediate, starts with basic skills of drawing and application of colors
Advanced students can use this course to understand edge control or enroll in my advanced course where you will learn more about layering, application of colors to a great painting.

Question and Answers (Q&A)

If you have any questions regarding the course or technique, please join the Facebook community where like minded fellow artists and enthusiasts share their tips and of course I will there to help you too.


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