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Oil Pastels Beginners Package

"Unleash Your Creative Potential with Vibrant Oil Pastels: A Fun and Engaging Course Designed Just for Beginners!"

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About the package


Oil Pastels For beginner's package is a comprehensive course designed to introduce beginners and enthusiasts to the vibrant world of oil pastel art. Throughout this course, you will learn the fundamental techniques and skills required to create stunning artworks using oil pastels. You will explore various subjects such as landscapes, animals, and still life, discovering your own creativity and nurturing the inner artistic expression.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn basic techniques of handling oil pastels
  • Create beautiful landscapes and nature scenes
  • Draw adorable animals with oil pastels
  • Experiment with colors and blending techniques
  • Develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to Oil Pastels
    In this module, kids will become familiar with oil pastels, their properties, and how to properly use them.
  • Creating Landscapes
    Children will learn how to depict different types of landscapes, including mountains, seascapes, countryside and winter scenes.
  • Drawing Animals
    This section focuses on drawing various animals, such as birds, butterfly with the use of oil pastels.
  • Color Mixing and Blending
    Kids will explore the world of colors and learn how to mix and blend oil pastels to create unique shades and effects including some unorthodox methods.
  • Still Life and Objects
    This module teaches children how to draw still life objects (flowers) using oil pastels.

What you’ll get in this package

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Oil Pastel Challenge - A Mini Course

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What you’ll learn

Suitable for Kids

Just starting out? No need to worry. Let’s take the first step together.
In these courses you will embark on a journey of painting using oil pastels and learn many techniques which will help you to improve your future projects.

15 Paintings to Learn

Each and every painting follows simple steps/methods which will help you to improve your next painting.

Tricks that are best suited

Learn some unorthodox techniques, which will greatly improve your edge control and crisp images.

Discover your niche

Being exposed to lots of different subjects, students have the option of choosing their niche.

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