Perspective for Everyone - A Beginner's Approach
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Perspective for Everyone - A Beginner's Approach

** Get out of that comfort zone and create depth in your drawing/art **

Instructor: Raju DyapurLanguage: English

About the course

Are you intimidated by perspective and its theory?
Are you someone who tried perspective before but gave up too soon?
Are you someone who thinks there is too much to learn?
Are you someone who has difficulty drawing 3D shapes on 2D surface? 
Are your drawings look awkward?

THEN, Read on!
After having worked with thousands of students across the globe and the dream of creating a universal course, I am able to finally release this course for every enthusiast and learner.
This course can be taken by anyone irrespective of their age. Perspective is something one needs to learn and practice to make any drawing OR art 3-dimentional with depth.
By working with students from different walks of life (kids, professionals including movie designers, interior designers, fashion designers etc..), I have consolidated all the problems/struggles and worked on those pain points to create this course, which will help you draw 98% of the objects around you.
This course is a practical approach with pencil and paper and the same can be used/practiced by using any digital tool. 
All the HOWs and WHYs are answered and for every step of the way the important concepts/techniques are repeated more than once.
This course includes the drawings for 1, 2 and 3-point perspective.
Once you follow my instructions and after enough practicing, I am 100% sure that you will be good to apply your learnings right away.

Each section includes an exercise for you to test your learning



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