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Still Life Masterclass in Oil Pastels (Large Painting)

Unlock the Secrets of Captivating Still Life Artistry in Oil Pastels and Elevate Your Creative Journey!

Instructor: Raju DyapurLanguage: English

About the course


Learn the art of creating stunning still life paintings using oil pastels. This comprehensive masterclass will provide you with the techniques and skills needed to create realistic still life compositions that capture light, texture, and form.

Key Highlights:

  • Explore the versatility of oil pastels and learn how to manipulate and blend colors effectively.
  • Study composition and arrangement to create visually pleasing still life setups.
  • Develop an understanding of light and shadow to add depth and dimension to your artwork.
  • Learn various techniques for creating texture and capturing the intricate details of objects.
  • Receive step-by-step guidance on creating a complete still life painting using oil pastels.

What you will learn:

  • Choosing the right materials:
    Discover the best oil pastels and surfaces for creating still life artwork.
  • Creating a compelling composition:
    Learn how to arrange objects and use focal points to create visually engaging compositions.
  • Understanding light and shadow:
    Master techniques for observing and capturing the effects of light and shadow in still life paintings.
  • Creating realistic textures:
    Explore various techniques for creating lifelike textures such as glass, fabric, fruits, and more.
  • Step-by-step painting process:
    Follow along as an experienced instructor guides you through the process of creating a stunning still life painting using oil pastels.


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