Ultimate Acrylic Painting Course
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Ultimate Acrylic Painting Course

Unleash your inner artist with the Ultimate Acrylic Painting Course and master the vibrant world of acrylics like never before!

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About the Package

This package includes 2 courses

1) Mastering Acrylics: Essential Techniques for Beginners

This course covers the fundamental principles and techniques of acrylic painting, suitable for beginners and experienced artists looking to enhance their skills. You will learn color mixing, brushwork, and other essential aspects of acrylic painting.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn basic acrylic painting techniques
  • Understand Hue, Saturation, Values, color wheel, swatches and blending
  • Create your own acrylic painting masterpieces

2) Discover Acrylics: A Painting Journey for Everyone

Embark on a colorful painting journey with acrylics in this course suitable for everyone, from beginners to experienced artists. Explore the versatile medium of acrylic paints and learn various techniques while you create stunning artworks.

Key Highlights:

  • Every technique/method is explained as we paint
  • Step-by-Step instructions with real-time videos
  • 6 different subjects which will cover lots of techniques
  • The amount of learning will get you the confidence to apply the technqiues to your own projects
  • 6+ hours of videos with Lifetime access

Scroll down to find out more about each courses.

What you’ll get in this package

Mastering Acrylics: Essential Techniques for Beginners

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Discover Acrylics: A Painting Journey for Everyone

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