Watercolor Illustrations - Foods Around the World

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Watercolor Illustrations - Foods Around the World

** SATISFY your Stomach with these Illustrations **

Instructor: Raju DyapurLanguage: English

About the course

Illustrations are one of the easiest things to draw and color.

When it comes to illustrate anything, you need to know Concepts of drawing and Observation Skills.

Mixed with that knowledge, you need to choose whether your illustration is going to be colored or not.

This class takes you though the steps of drawing and shows how to painting with proper values that depict highlights and shadows.

This class has totally 12 illustrations that will give you enough idea to illustrate your own food/dish.

I would request all of you to paint at least 3 of your favorite illustrations from this class OR any other illustration of the food that you love and share it on Instagram by using the hashtag #rajudyapur



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